Cearadale Shashai


2018 Chestnut Gelding

SCID, LFS Clear (parents tested) CA Carrier

A beautiful flashy chestnut gelding with plenty of bling.  He will make a great preformance gelding.  He has super movement (from his russian heritage) combined with great confirmation and a sweet nature.





 Cearadale Shailaah


 TR Viktor US




 Maf-Ue Shaienne


 Cearadale       Saaraya

Cearadale Sanjaana


2018 Bay Filly

SCID, LFS Clear, CA Carrier

Extremely typey filly introducing the treasusred lines of Nara, Vision and Desperado.


    Sabtah Nassor


    Cearadale Saaraya

 Sire                      Dam

   Desperado            Clifton Park                                               Nefisa

 Sire                        Dam

  Pearsons                Cearadale           Shakayne                 Shakira